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Easier to hate than love: My ups and downs with Argyle Park

That awkward time I witnessed the Christian subculture cannibalizing itself

More to come… soon… (I hope)

Other stuff

What you will find here are (for now) mostly external links to some semi-academic contributions to blogs.

The Argyle Park Lyrics Project
A site on which I try to represent all Argyle Park lyrics as accurately as possible. Made in September 2016.

Paramaecium’s “Within the Ancient Forest” Lyrics – Outlined, Explained, Analyzed
Originally a series of public Facebook posts from August 2012, revamped in September 2016 [semi-academic]

Stylistic analysis of Lengsel’s “Tales of Lost Love” lyrics (2006)
Written in 2015 as a model for students preparing a stylistic analysis assignment [academic, teaching related]

Subverting Laughter:
Re-Imagining George MacDonald’s Victorian Fairy Tale ‘The Light Princess’
My blog post on chapter 10 is part of a larger project involving different bloggers. (August 2013) [semi-academic]

“Donnie Darko” (2001) as an apocalyptic film
A text that I wrote as an introduction to a film screening of Donnie Darko in May 2013. [semi-academic]

In 2013 we hosted a student conference on “The Middle Ages in Britain” in Gießen. After the conference, on Sunday night, I sat down and wrote a report, Chaucer-style. [creative / semi-academic (I guess)]

“Exploring a Corpus of George MacDonald’s Fiction”
My article in North Wind journal (2011 issue) [academic]

Here is a list of academic references:

Maiwald, Patrick (2017). The Vocalization of Semivowels in Medieval English: A Quantitative Study. Sprache, Literatur, Kommunikation – Geschichte und Gegenwart 8. Gießen: Gießener Elektronische Bibliothek. (ISBN 978-3-944682-14-3)

Maiwald, Patrick (2013). “Say what I am called: Literarische Rätsel lösen und selber stellen.” Der Fremdsprachliche Unterricht Englisch 125: 20-23. [Table of contents.]

Maiwald, Patrick (2011). “Exploring a Corpus of George MacDonald’s Fiction.” North Wind: Journal of George MacDonald Studies 30: 50-84.

Maiwald, Patrick (2008). The Journey in George MacDonald’s Fantastic Fiction. Studien zur anglistischen Literatur- und Sprachwissenschaft 34. Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier. (ISBN 978-3-86821-067-5) [Publisher’s website.]


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