Blogs and podcasts I follow:

The RobCast
Author/speaker Rob Bell’s podcast. He talks about life and spirituality and interviews fascinating people. You must check out Episode 20 | The QUADRATOS Interview with Alexander Shaia as well as Episode 86 | Richard Rohr and the Alternative Orthodoxy. Mind-blowing.

The Liturgists
Michael Gungor and Science Mike (and sometimes guests) discuss art, faith, and science. A balanced, well-produced and usually fascinating podcast.

Ask Science Mike
Mike McHargue (Southern Baptist turned atheist turned Christ-following mystical materialist) answers questions about science, faith and life in this podcast. It’s incredible how much this guy knows. Can get a bit heady at times.

The Deconstructionists
A podcast about the deconstruction and reconstruction of faith. These guys are fairly enthusiastic about interviewing anyone who has undertaken a journey and found out that things are not quite as their tradition led them to believe.

Never Was
Mark Salomon’s podcast in which he interviews interesting people. Mostly artists, entertainers, Americans. His tagline: “Everyone is interesting.” (Mark was or is the singer in bands such as The Crucified, Stavesacre, Neon Horse, and White Lighter.)

unQuiet Life
In this podcast that ran from July 2015 to March 2016, “two guys in Chicago” talked about trying to live a contemplative life in a busy world.

Auf deutsch: Viele Vorträge, u.a. von Prof. Siegfried Zimmer, die wissenschaftlich redliche Zugänge zum christlichen Glauben eröffnen. Motto: “Die Suche nach dem unverstellten Blick”.

Wieder deutsch: Zwei frustrierte (Ex-?)Evangelikale “erklären die Welt”, indem sie laut und unverblümt denken. Dialog, Dekonstruktion und Diskussion.

Wieder deutsch: Peter Aschoff schreibt (nicht nur) über Glauben und Gesellschaft.

Riddles in the Dark
This was a podcast in which the Tolkien experts of Mythgard Academy debated the Hobbit film adaptations.

All about Jack
A C.S. Lewis podcast.

Recondite Cogitations
Charles W. Seper’s blog on “consciousness, spirituality, fundamentalism, primordial Christianity, first precepts, and the Christian Mystical experience”.

Here Be Monsters
The podcast about the unknown. A bit over the top at times, but well-made.

A professionally-made podcast on just about averything. Usually very captivating.


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