music reviews

In regards to music I wish to say first of all that emphatically refuse to “rate” anything. It is not my job to judge in a few words the “quality” of music that people have worked hard to create – which is why rather than having a one-dimensional “rating system”, I try to describe the albums neutrally according to four dimensions that I have hopefully succeeded in giving self-explanatory names.

Most music that touches me is in some way spiritual; for more reasons than I would care to enumerate, a lot of the music that I will write about comes from the outer fringes of the “Christian” realm. (Whatever that can be taken to mean…) I suspect this is because I like to keep to “the edge of the inside” myself, to quote a phrase I heard from Richard Rohr. On a deeper level, however, I don’t care about any labeling. I really do not think music can be Christian or non-Christian. I do not believe there should be a Christian culture, or counter-culture, or whatever. Christians are people, and what ‘makes them Christian’, if anything, shouldn’t be their culture. To quote Rob Bell from memory, “‘Christian’ is a good noun, but it sucks as an adjective”. Jon Foreman of the band Switchfoot put it well:

Anyway, the original idea was to describe the music I liked (or music that I thought more should be written about) in as few words as possible (I’m a PhD student, remember?). I do try to capture the essence of my review in the form of a one-liner at the end of each posting.

Albums I have written about:

Aleixa – “Honey Lake” (1996)

Backworld – “Anthems from the Pleasure Park” (1999)

Drottnar – “Stratum” (2013)

Kirkpatrick, Ted – “Ode to a Roadkill” (2010)

My Silent Wake – “Silver under Midnight” (2013)

Saviour Machine – “20th Anniversary / 1990 Demo” (2011)


Coming up:

Derek Webb


Virgin Black


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