More to come… soon… (I hope)

I would really like to use this little space to write more about what is going on inside my head in the future. About my path, my journey, the shifting around of my internal furniture.

As far as the outer circumstances are, the situation is as follows:

I, linguist, have finally attained the golden fleece of academia, i.e. a permanent position. I have left Gießen (my home from 2001) for good, and have moved to Würzburg with my family. My new full-time teaching position means that I spend a lot of time …well, teaching. Since we managed to find an apartment close to campus, I really enjoy the 20-minute walks to work and back, usually with a podcast in my earbuds.

But since I am part of a read & write culture (to borrow Lawrence Lessig’s term), there is only so much (well, actually very much) I can listen to without feeling the need to formulate something myself. And I think I am at that point right now. So maybe this is just to still some of the voices in my head, by letting them out in some form. Self-therapy. But hey, if I am going to write stuff, why not do it publicly in this blog that I began at a similarly busy time three years ago? It might just happen to interest someone. Or to lead them from one resource to another, via the connections that I am bound to make.

I have no idea where this will take me. Or if anyone will ever actually read this and care about it, apart from me. But here we go. At least I think. I hope.

My spiritual travelogue.

Thoughts worth saving and sharing.

My two pennies’ worth.


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