Aleixa – “Honey Lake” (1996)

In the late 90s, I was a teenager who had found part of his longed-for “identity” in buying the weirdest CDs to be found in Christian music magazine. I wanted to be Christian, yes, but different from other Christians. Naturally, I was attracted to the Jesus Freaks movement. And naturally, I had to get this CD as soon as I read about it.

The thing that sets “Honey Lake” apart is its mixture of styles: Electronica with pop melodies (so far so Plumb), metal guitars, female soprano/alto vocals, and disgruntled lyrics. Wow…


Honestly, as with nearly all projects that are vaguely connected to the “New York Posse” (as this one seems to be, judging by the shout-outs in the booklet) the lyrics contained negative emotions that the typical Christian teenager is afraid of feeling.

“I’ve got a life that ain’t worth living
I’ve got a life that I want to give back
I know you’d be better off without me
There’s too much pain, baby…”


Looking back, I don’t know whether listening to this CD has done me any good, psychologically, or not. I would suspect that it has. Thanks, Aleixa, for the boldness. The Christian scene had become a bit stale by the mid-nineties. Thanks for being different. Even if that honesty required a disclaimer in the booklet at the time. That’s all I’d like to say.

And hey, I still really like some of the tunes to this day – some good vocal harmonies, especially on the songs towards the end of the album. (Not the very last track though, which is a synth-pop remix by The Echoing Green, which I am not very fond of.) I could have done with more of the mysterious-sounding fifth track or the dreamy opening track “Rain in the Air”, however…

In one sentence: Avant-garde pop/electronica/post-industrial/metal with interesting female vocals and anger-management lyrics that boldly go into regions of despair where few Christian artists have gone before.

relaxed          _ _ _ X _ aggressive

introspective _ _ _ _ X  outspoken

rough       _ _ X _ _ polished

juvenile  X _ _ _ _ mature


2 thoughts on “Aleixa – “Honey Lake” (1996)

  1. If you like the debut and haven’t heard the follow-up “Disfigured” yet, prepare yourself, because it’s even better than “Honey Lake”, and one of my favorite albums of the late 90’s. It sounds even more refined, is heavier overall, has a greater fusion of pop, industrial, dance, and metal sounds, and is just fantastic.

    And I quite liked “Wow + Flutter” (5th track), but there’s no equivalent on “Disfigured” – it’s all pretty uptempo, save for the mostly techno dance first track.

  2. Yes, I have heard (and own) “Disfigured” – it was many years later though, and I might have already been too old to approve of it too much…
    Somehow it never hit me like the debut did.

    I agree about the more mellow tracks on “Honey Lake” (even though “Wow + Flutter” is not the fifth track) and miss them, too. The second album does have its fine moments, though. I like the industrial sounds on the title track and the sheer weirdness of “Only Roses” (which I included on a digital mix tape here.)

    Take care!

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