I am a blogger, a lecturer in English Linguistics (mostly diachronic/historical), a music, literature and movie freak, a podcaster, a hobby philosopher and theologian, a husband and a father, who resides in Germany. If you wonder why my English is so good, I was raised bilingual (speaking American English and later German at home, living in Germany).

This site is meant to become a personal (perhaps at times semi-professional) blog about the things that interest me most.

About the title: I found the British English phrase twopenn’orth in a dictionary (in American English, it would be my two cents’ worth). The þ (thorn) at the end of the word is an early (medieval) way to represent the “th sounds”. It can still be found in Modern Icelandic (for the unvoiced “th sound”). Oh, and ynkling is of course a homage to the Oxford literary circle known as the Inklings, whose stories (and non-fiction) I enjoy reading.

So far I have had the opportunity to share some thoughts on a few music albums, so for now, this blog focuses not so much on the general “things” as on the music that interests me.

Get in contact via last.fm here.

Background image adapted from William Morris.


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